Notice of US FDA application agency service

In order to sell foods (including general foods, beverages, acidic / low-acid foods, health foods, etc.), animal feeds and pet foods in the United States,
Appropriate notification / registration / application to the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) or permission from the FDA is required before sale.

We will check if any ingredients prohibited by the FDA are included, and if additives, ingredients, coloring agents, etc. meet the FDA’s standards.
In particular, the FDA defines colorants that can be used in foods, and if prohibited ingredients are used or if the wrong ingredient name is displayed, the FDA may issue an import injunction or a warning letter.

FDA regulations include not only food, but also plates and cups used in food and beverages, and containers used to sell them, everything that comes into contact with food. increase.
We will support your business in the United States by directly negotiating and applying to the FDA and industry groups.