Medical Coordinate Service

Connecting overseas patients with Japanese medical institutions.

The number of medical facilities in Japan is the largest in the world, and the number of doctors exceeds 310,000. However, due to the declining birthrate and aging population, the population is declining year by year, and it is expected that hospital management based only on domestic demand will become difficult in the future.

On the other hand, looking at China, the number of patients in China is enormous at more than 3.5 million every year, and it will become more serious as the elderly age. From such a conflicting situation, this service was born from the idea that “I want to connect Japanese medical institutions and Chinese patients and bring smiles to as many people as possible.”

Medical coordination and Services provided

Medical examination

Human dock, health checkup, illness prevention checkup

Medical treatment

Receive treatment for illness and injury with Japan’s most advanced medical technology.

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery, liposuction, orthodontics, etc…


Stem cells, blood cleansing, flocking, genetic testing, etc.

Services provided

Matching with medical institutions

We will select treatment methods and host medical institution candidates based on medical information from travel examinees and present them to travel examinees. We will search for a medical institution that can accept the treatment policy of the traveling examinee, obtain medical information, check the condition, and consider the economic situation.

Medical stay visa acquisition support

Check the treatment schedule of the traveling examinee with the host medical institution, and submit a “certificate of schedule for consultation by the medical institution and an identity certificate by the identity guarantee institution” so that you can apply for a visa (primary / multiple) suitable for the treatment period. I will issue it.

Arrangement of accommodation and transportation

We will arrange accommodations and transportation (taxi, etc.) according to the wishes of travel examinees. Please leave the troublesome preparation such as accommodation for the date and time of arrival and the ticket for the arrival to Japan to us. We will help you to provide a comfortable time as much as possible.

Contact with medical institutions

As an emergency contact, we will inform the medical institution of the contact information of the person in charge of the medical coordination institution so that the medical institution will not have trouble communicating with the travel examinee.

Receipt of consultation fee, remittance

We will take the estimated amount of treatment cost from the traveling examinee as an advance payment and pay it to the receiving medical institution on your behalf. This makes it possible to reduce the risk of non-receipt for medical institutions that cannot receive advance payments or remittances from overseas.

Dispatch of general interpreter

What you are worried about when visiting overseas is the language barrier. We provide an interpreter dispatch service so that patients can receive a medical examination with peace of mind. Please use all means.

Dispatch of medical interpreter

We can smoothly arrange medical interpreters who can handle treatments and medical examinations. We also provide packages for foreign patients and examinees visiting Japan for medical purposes (reservation reception and payment agency, medical interpreter dispatch, medical translation of medical examination results).

Medical translation

We accept medical translation of a wide range of documents that medical institutions need to translate, such as in-hospital displays, hospitalization information, questionnaires, medical certificates, preoperative consent forms, and websites.

Supporting Chinese patients for domestic medical facilities

Medical coordination service

Based on medical information from travel examinees, treatment methods and host medical institution candidates are selected and presented. We will support you with consistent coordination from travel procedures, accommodation arrangements during treatment, and dispatch of interpreters.

Chinese translation of homepage

Many Japanese medical institutions operate websites, and many information such as cases, treatment policies, and treatment techniques are posted on these websites. Since it is a medical institution in Japan, the language of the website is only Japanese, so we provide a translation service to Chinese for the peace of mind of patients.

Acting service counter for Chinese

Responding to inquiries from Chinese patients, on-site response to medical examinations and treatments for Chinese patients (not only interpreting for medical examinations and consultations, but also support for communication based on cultural differences between Japan and China) We also provide translation, after-sales service after consultation and treatment, and follow-up.

Affiliated Medical Institution

I-land Tower Clinic

Midtown Clinic


Cancer Institute Ariake


SAKAKIBARA Heart Institute

JUNTENDO University Hospital

St.LUKE’S International Hospital

National Center for Child Health and Development

Medical Institutions Guide

Saisei iryo center
Tokyo midtown clinic
Nishidai clinic diagnostic imaging center
Ishii clinic
Tokyo nishi Tokushukai hospital
Gaien higshi clinic
Showa Univercity Toyosu clinic
Juntendo University hospital
Kitasato University Kitasato Institute hospital
Ginza blood inspection laboratory
Kasai Shiikai hospital
Tokyo international clinic
Tokyo total beauty clinic
Eri clinic

New Heart WATANABE International
Tokyo biyou clinic
Ginza clinic
Shinwa clinic
Genesis healthcare
Toranomon hospital
Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine
Cancer institute hospital
Tokyo medical University hospital
Keio University hospital
International University of health and welfare Mita hospital
Kameda medical center
kasuga clinic
Nomura hospital

St.LUKE’S International Hospital
Tokyo Ningen-dock Clinic
Maxfacs Ginza clinic
Garden clinic
Shiromoto clinic
Tokyo private clinic
Doctor’s Hair
I-land tower clinic
Chiba royal clinic
Yotsuya medical cube
Tokyo Kyosai Hospital
Makita General hospital
Tokyo nishi Tokusyu
Atlas Tower dental clinic
Ginza Fumino dental international orthodontic

Ginza Kyosei Dental Clinic
Shinagawa Dental Clinic of Ueno
Jiyugaoka Clinic
St.LUKE’S International Hospital
Ginza Kokusai Beauty
Kihoukai Clinic Ikebukuro
Tokyo Midtown Clinic
AGE Makita Clinic
Sakakibara Heart Institute
ITO Hospital
Honda hills Tower Clinic
National Cancer for Child Health and Development (Pediatrics)
National Cancer Center Japan

…and more