Enable more opportunities to enjoy Japanese products and
services to the world through wholesale and import / export

Our overseas business exports Japanese products for wholesale, including Japanese food, beauty, cosmetic, skin care, household goods and household appliances to overseas markets. Our domestic wholesale business also assists in the distribution of companies and manufacturers.

The high-quality products distributed in Japan are very popular overseas. In our overseas export business, we offer a wide range of people around the world to use these products, and we are developing services to make our lives more convenient.

What we value most is to respond promptly to customers’ requests and provide products with “safety” and “safety”. We will aim for management that supports a prosperous society, based on the trust and appreciation of people. We will continue to deliver useful products to everyone.


Domestic wholesale

We offer a wide variety of products for domestic trading companies, from trend items to variety goods to standard products.

Overseas wholesale and export

We export Japanese products to major EC platforms, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in Southeast Asian countries including China.

Brand agent

We negotiate on behalf of a company for obtaining a certificate as a regular handling vendor of each manufacturer developed in Japan.

Features and Strengths

One-stop wide range of Japanese product brands

We can provide wide range of product brands in one-stop – you can decrease your cost and time to approach many brands in Japan.

Lower price than from manufactureres directly

We have “scale merit” and good connection with Japanese makers – you can purchase by lower cost than directly purchasing from the makers.

Connected to Japanese big brands

In order to purchase Japanese big brand product.




Daily necessities



Home appliances

Hair care / Salon exclusive products


Medicinal drugs

Please contact us separately regarding sales of pharmaceutical products.


Maple International Co., Ltd. and our affiliated businesses are officially licensed businesses that have obtained a pharmaceutical wholesale sales license, a cosmetics manufacturing and sales license, a pharmaceutical sales license, a highly controlled medical equipment sales license, and an alcohol sales license.Please click here for information on permits and licenses related to sales operations.