CEO Message

To remain a trusted partner company,

Maple International Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to distributing, trading, and promoting healthcare services both domestically and internationally since December 2018, with a motto of “Aiming for Customer-Centric Service.” Drawing from experiences in these tumultuous times, we have learned the importance of trust from our customers and strive to uphold it to this day.

Five Resolutions to Remain a Trusted Partner Company

  1. We uphold the motto of achieving results through action based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aiming to be the market leader.
  2. We deliver “Japan Premium” products to various parts of the world in partnership with manufacturers and trading companies, promoting mutual prosperity.
  3. We always maintain a spirit of learning and prioritize Customer Satisfaction.
  4. We transform customer needs from around the world into tangible products, leveraging innovative ideas.
  5. We continue to evolve Maple International to meet the changing needs of the world.

We pledge to exert every effort to maintain the trust of our partners and society and to consistently meet your expectations in the next 10 years. We sincerely appreciate your warm understanding and support for Maple International Co., Ltd. going forward.

CEO, Mei Mikami